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Our Quality

     We are a motorcycle accessories manufacturing and distributing company established in 1982. We have over 30 years experience in manufacturing and distributing motorcyle accessories. Our trusted brand –WASHI- is recognized world wide for its quality and durablility especially from our customers in Southern Asia. Our passion for quality, our focus on part variety and our excellent customer service make us a leading manufacturer and puts us in the forefront of the Motorcycle Accessories Industry.

     In addition, we have Kawata and K.S.K. brand. They are a part of Washi brand focusing on exporting. The brands will meet the needs of foreign customers in terms of customized specification orders.



     Washi strengthness is offering various catergories of motorcycle parts, which literally be able to meet customer's need. At Washi, we present diverse parts nearly covering all main parts in one motorcycle. 

     Although our passion is quality, our mission and focus are our customers. We strongly believe that our customers are crucial to our success and we pride ourselves on our customer service principals. Our goal is to ensure that each and everyone of our customer are satisfied not only with our products but also the experience. At Washi we don’t just sell quality parts, we sell an experience with the expectation that our customers will walk away satisfied and return as loyal customers.

     We have our sale representatives promptly servicing customers (incuding distributors or individuals) all over Thailand regions. 




Our “quality” is a vital principle that we emphasize and are passionate about. We believe that in order to gain trust from customers we must produce quality products that are durable with long life span. We guarantee the quality of our products by thoroghly inspecting and testing every part produced from Washi before final delivery to our clients. Thus, customers can ensure that all parts buying from us reach a standard quality and stay long-lasting throughout a lifetime.


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บริษัท วาชิ เอ็มเอฟจี จำกัด
Line ID: @washithailand
Direct Call. 087-709-7129
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